The Big Rocks In Your Life

The Big Rocks

Significant Planning for Significant Outcomes

What is it that you want to achieve? Do you want to run a 10K Marathon, Create a healthier weight, make more money, create more time with your family, take a great trip…? What is it that resonates high on your list and mind right now?

One thing I know from experience and want to share with you that to design the life you love, you must set the intention, have a strong desire and a plan.

In planning we need to create a system that allows us to keep our lives in balance while accomplishing the things that move us toward our biggest goals. I love using the jars to illustrate the pre-planning and planning to accomplish and have it all. ( I want you to know that I took the time to fill these jars myself, using the exact same ingredients as closely as possible to illustrate this powerful message.) So as you can see in the jars that without planning you probably won’t fit everything in that you really want in your life this year. So…

…We start with the “Big Rocks” first…the really most important life enriching and business effective goals and activities first. Why? If we reverse the order, you will see that the jar on the left is overflowing and the important things are just sitting there ready to fall off. This means they may not happen at all. Big Rocks represent: Vacations, conferences and conventions that enhance the growth of your business or personal life, get away weekends, time with the kids. Medium size rocks: staff meetings, business building activities i.e., networking, staff meetings, or even date night with your family. Then next you will add small rocks and eventually the sand.

Small rocks will be day-to-day tasks that keep the operation for your business or life running smoothly: A regular time to renew your spirit, include your hobbies, call back/follow up calls for your business, sending those thank you notes we talked about. Small rocks also would include going to the gym or creating an opportunity for movement. The Sand: Checking email, going through mail, filing and keeping a clear space to work, eating healthy and regularly, calling some friends and social connection. It’s all very important and needs to all be included. This system will expand your possibilities of getting all in your year. When you do it the later way, the jar on the right, there is even room for more…more fun and more freedom.

What might those look like pieces look like … things that affect our…


If you don’t use these strategies, life can become pretty upside down…
…Full of:

  •  Overwhelm,
  •  Stress and
  •  NOT full of fun and Freedom.

So to experience just the opposite, … let’s talk about the 12-month calendar…one of the most effective tools for creating a year and many years of significant accomplishment. Purchase or create a 12-month calendar, sit down with your family or your team and plan your calendar together. Put your “Big Rocks” in first… Family vacations around your kids being out of school, or conferences related to your personal or professional growth, weddings, reunions, etc… Things that are important to you and you really don’t want to miss out on. (I coached a fellow that hadn’t taken a vacation with his little family for years… they had to go without him because he didn’t have time. How sad was that and believe me we worked on this “need” first.) Now, and only after the “Big Rocks” you will want to add your medium rocks, small rocks next, then the sand.

This is how you design the life you love and insure you achieve the significant outcomes your desire.

1st Step – 12- Month “Big Rock” Calendar –my example

This calendar allowed us to enjoy a 9300-mile trip across America and take our business with us too. What Fun! Yahoo!

January 29, 2017
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