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The “Nature Aspect of the Sequence of Events” – With Joan K. Aronson, Esq.


Joan K. Aronson is a licensed Attorney. In addition to her law practice, Joan earned a Bachelor of Science from Rutgers University in Accounting and Computer Science and is licensed by the California Department of Real Estate as a Realtor Broker with a Nationwide Mortgage Certification.

Joan has been an entrepreneur since the age of 25. Joan offers her clients a broad range of services and know-how with an emphasis on representing her client’s interest in transaction matters and providing tax consulting and preparation services. However, its Joan’s extraordinary gift at recognizing the true meaning of challenges that makes her sought after as a speaker and business coach. What one might see as a roadblock Joan can shift the vision and road ahead to prosperity and emotional fulfilment.

During our radio show interview:
Joan is an easygoing and somewhat soft-spoken professional woman that is totally present to learning. She learned early on to dismiss negative comments that were placed on the road of her journey and recognized that opportunity was always available to her.

She discusses the “Nature Aspect of the Sequence of Events”. You cannot change one thing without changing it all so don’t expect to change something and not change the potential of a good outcome. She says, “For me it is the awareness that changing something might set in motion things you didn’t expect.”

I asked Joan, “How do you handle things that come your way that are unfair”, feeling in the area of law and business these type of events my surface. “I feel special and thankful for the opportunity to navigate through to a rewarding results whether for me or another.” Don’t look back, don’t focus on the negative and even allow yourself to forget the issue… only then you can move forward.

This was a great question because it touches those of us that have children/grandchildren or work with children.
How do you guide your children to be strong independent thinkers even when they “march to a different drum beat?” Joan teaches her daughters to look at everyone’s perspective, then look at the big picture beyond only their own perspective and ask, did you learn something.
Always Be Learning

Joan shares her guiding principles:
• Embracing a perspective other than your own is the key to reaching cohesiveness even if you don’t adapt it as your own.
• Embrace, absorb and leave behind with grace a perspective that doesn’t work for you.
• Focus on what you want…not on what you don’t want.

Present Things from Perspective

December 15, 2016
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