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The Power Of Your “Why”

Your strongest desires will drive your actions and light up your life

My guess is that you’ve given a lot of thought to what your big dream is.  You might have even completed your dream/vision board that has truly inspired you to move toward and achieve new heights in your life.  If you are like me, this really can get you excited every time you think about stepping into and experience those really magnificent ideas.  

To light Up Your Dream and Your life find your ‘Why’


To experience and realize these compelling goals though, your must tap into your big ‘Why.’   ‘Whys’ are as individual as the number of people on our earth.  Digging deep to uncover your ‘why’ is truly worth the effort because your why will get you to your dreams even when detours and roadblocks pop up.  Life can take detours, believe me, I’ve experienced distraction, disillusionment and even times of despair along my own journey, however, as I reach back inside and grab onto my big ‘Why’ for the importance of my dream, I re-ignite, become encouraged and gain the strength to resist the negative noise and focus on my magnificent goals again.

Questions to ponder:  Ask yourself once again… what is my Dream?  Then dig really beyond the surface to uncover your ‘why.’  Knowing your ‘why’ helps you set deliberate patterns to be intentional to become a magnet for your dream.  Does your ‘why’ inspire you and get you excited?  If so you will become deliberate with your time; hours, days and years… and deepen your relationship with yourself in the process.  Your ‘why’ becomes your motivation that drives you to success.  

Here are some questions to ask:

  • Why do I love what I love?
  • Why does this dream mean so much to me?
  • How will I feel when I realize my goals and dream?
  • How will I feel if I don’t realize my goals and dream?
  • How does my realizing my dream impact those around me that I love and cherish?
  • How will my not realizing my dream affect the important people in my life?


These are great questions to answer.  If distractions are coming in and robbing you from being on course to reach your goals, do the answers to the above questions give you the strength and courage to stay on your course?  Do they compel you to take on the challenges that will stretch you as much as inspire you to stay in the boat and keep paddling to handle any size wave?  When you are powered by a clear ‘why’, there is little you cannot do.  

When you know your ‘why’ your ‘what’ has more impact.

Leadership expert Simon Sinek shares that it’s not enough to know what you do and how you do it. At our essence, we are most motivated by knowing why we do things. And it’s through that awareness that we can best connect with our purpose and more significant outcomes.  

My ‘Why’ is to inspire people to ignite their purpose and walk in their unique purpose.  My what is Mentoring/Coaching, writing books, delivering a weekly radio show and most recently is “The 7-minutes to Ignite Your Week-FB-Live” each Monday.

The famous comedian, Michael JR, has a great YouTube video expressing the message that I want you to understand in such a powerful way.  This is 3 ½ minutes you won’t forget.  Here is the link: Your Why

I’ll give you a couple of my examples from one of my amazing coaching clients.  

Mike shared his ‘why’ for creating more health when we first started coaching together.  When I asked him why he wanted to get healthier he came up with the typical reasons.  Feel better, look better and live longer.  Well those are pretty great reasons… but we continued to pull away at the onion and he landed on the real ‘heart’ of his heart.  

He wanted to run and play with his grandchildren that he’d waited so long for them to arrive… and now he couldn’t even run an play hide-n-seek.  It broke his heart and deflated a dream he’d had for years. He would get winded, and his heart was beating way too fast.

As he lost weight, he began to realize his dream come true and he was so much happier.  He resisted temptations when they popped up with ease. Now, he also loved how he was looking in the new clothes he had to go buy because everything else became too big.  Great Story.

Randall, another coaching client, was building two businesses at once.  The type of entrepreneur I love coaching.  However, he had lost his balance in his life and no longer felt steady in his relationships, health and even his business.  He definitely didn’t have a calm state of mind.

His original ‘why’ was to become more focused, find more self-motivation and become inspired once again.  Making more money wasn’t his deepest ‘why’ and we still hadn’t discovered what that was.  Through more conversations he began to uncover the ‘why’ that would become the most powerful magnet to draw him toward his original dream.  He wanted to create more time with his family and time to do what he loved doing most… his music.  

Once he discovered this bigger ‘why’, I’m happy to report, he has create a strong life balance, grown his businesses to become super successful and he is spending so much more time with his family and teaching his kids music that they now share together.  Awesome!!!!

Keep going deeper until you uncover your deepest ‘why’. It’s worth the time to explore the things that will bring you the most fulfillment, happiness and joy.  This is what makes life worth living and sharing with others.

Enjoy Your Why and Express it from your Heart.  It will light up your Life.

March 7, 2017
All rights reserved.

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