Claudia Cooley

This Author’s “Rollercoaster” Journey

“The Surprise Inspiration”

“Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches
You a lot about your destination.”  Drake

It was a spring evening in 2015 as I was having an early dinner with a great friend, Bonnie Hansen, at an open patio café in Orange County that the first idea for my next book surprised me, but not her. Bonnie had been one of the amazing women I was privileged to spotlight in my “Savvy Women Revving Up for Success” book, which hadn’t been completed yet but was going to press soon.

Just expressing the joy of finishing what I believed was my last book, Bonnie quickly jumped in with an inspiration that still leaves me stunned today. As we were considering refilling our ice teas, I was sharing a project that I was working on with Kim Somers, another Savvy Woman, to create my Image Consultant Certification Course. Apparently the light blub went off for Bonnie because she leaned forward and stated very strongly, you aren’t finishing your last book, you have yet one more to go… and it should be called “Revving Up for Success with a Winning Image.” Yes, she had the complete name already bubbling over from inside of her amazing mind.

So with new gusto, my Savvy Women book off to the editor and equipped with my newest inspiration, I began my Rollercoaster journey. Just before the publication of the Savvy Women book, my Winning-Image-cover-f3editor and creative designer created the cover for the Winning Image Book. This was a first for me, to have the cover of a book before the content was written, however, another powerful inspiration for my writing journey. This is a great tip if you are writing a book.

“Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

My Discovery
The adventure begins ~ It takes more than inspiration ~ The work also begins

Two weeks after the release of the Savvy Women book, my husband, Dale, and I took off on our epic trip across America. Equipped with my computer for writing and coaching, my radio-show technology, and my “ great idea” to take my business and life on the road as I designed the life I love on my own terms, I was ready to create. And create I did and in the 9300 mile adventure I met wonderful people for my radio show, I had time to write on this new book and facilitate my coaching programs. I was in the height of my glory… having a great time.

Then the roller coaster took a dive. Three weeks after returning from our amazing travels, Dale had an unexpected heart attack and open-heart surgery. Of course, my attention was redirected and I took on the role of “Nurse Betty” as ill equipped as I was for the job. Setting my aspirations aside of having my book ready and published by December of 2015, I remained confident that I would complete this dream… just on a different time line.

Spring of 2016 came and I still didn’t have my book completed but I began to write a chapter a week with great enthusiasm and energy… and so powerfully that I wrote way too many words, 20,000 words too many. Ouch! When I submitted my first manuscript draft to my editor, Susie Augustin, she quickly let me know I had created too much content for the size of the book that was the original intention. Now the hardest part of the journey truly felt like the rollercoaster making that slow climb up the rail to the highest point. Extracting words and content was painful, strenuous, and heart wrenching. It seemed as if I was giving up a close friend.

Then one day when a friend and colleague, Irina Baker, sent me a copy of her book that I’d written an acknowledgement for, an amazing ah ha moment happened. She had a link in her book to the companion guide and at that moment, I knew this could be my answer… my solution for part of my excess 20,000 words. Now I felt we had reached a high peek on the rollercoaster ride and wanted to stand up with my hands in the air as we tipped over the top and sped down the rails on the other side. The heartbeats were much faster, I was energized to get to my new task at hand and make this happen. With this accomplished… the book was off to my wonder editor and guide to bring the book to life. And this she did.

Now we are in the very last days before the launch of this newest enterprise, making sure all of the “I’s” are dotted and the “T’s” crossed. I just received the proof copies and gave my seal of approval. At this time… all of the hard work is behind us. Now as in any birthing process, the watching and waiting for the next few days for the Best Seller Campaign to arrive on December 14th, and praying for a successful delivery and the same success my past three books have had is nerve racking but exciting to say the least. More of the “rollercoaster” ride experience.

Do I feel nervous inside…Ooooooh yes? The past two weeks I’ve had butterflies or something churning inside with anticipation and excitement. This is one of the amazing feels you have when you finish your book or any big project you’ve set out to do.

Just days ago, someone said to me, “I have a book inside of me dying to get out, but I’m not a writer.” I totally understood how she felt. As of four years ago that would have been my statement also. This is the very reason I’m starting a book-writing mastermind, to help people get their book, message, inspiration or story onto paper in 90 days. This is so possible… and now I’m excited to help others on their journey and take the “Rollercoaster” ride without fear and experience total excitement and fulfillment.

“Amazing happens on the journey of writing. I write to inspire others to recognize and appreciate their own greatness. As those that read my words discover this truth, my life is full.” cc

If you get a chance, Please go and order a book on Wednesday December 14th and help us make a “Best Seller” status. Thanks, C

December 11, 2016
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