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Tino Luciano

Ever since he was a child, Tino Luciano has been fascinated by the old west, its legendary stories and the cowboy way. In 1978, Tino was exposed for the first time to the movie business, where he was a background actor in the movie “Raging Bull”. It was this experience that would ultimately shape how Tino would choose to share his passion of the old west.
In 1981 he left Chicago and staying true to his love of the old west, he became a modern day cowboy and joined the Law Enforcement Community in Southern California. Tino has also been in the film and television industry now for over 10 years and has worked in all aspects of the filmmaking process from being a Production Assistant to the Executive Producer. He also owns his own stunt company, Reel Time Stunts and has performed many daring stunts from car crashes to full body burns for independent feature films and shorts. He found his true love in the film business as a Director and merged his two passions to realize his dream of sharing the spirit of the old west in film and television.
Over the last year and a half, Tino has directed 18 episodes of the western series entitled, “Tales of the Frontier” that is currently in talks with a Canadian network. He will also be directing his feature film entitled, “The Reckoning of Scarlet Waters” that is in pre-production right now and is slated to begin principle photography this summer.

January 12, 2014
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