Claudia Cooley

Traci Lynn

I became a Health and fitness expert, as well as a counselor and business operations manager. I studied the ins and outs of proper nutrition and Health, as well as human behavior. I now coach and teach others how to live a healthy balanced life as a Life Success Coach. I am a public speaker who educates the world on eating disorders, addictions and how to overcome depression and come out in your life on top. I lead a Life Angelz project that helps donate socks, water, care packages and a prayer and singing team to the Homeless every 6 months.

I am a radio host on my own show Life Angelz on LA Talk Radio. I provide a platform for people to share their lives and trials and tribulations. I am a sponsored Athlete and national level figure fitness competitor in hopes of accomplishing my goal of a PRO card. Next mission is to grace the covers of fitness magazines all over the world. My first book will be out December 2015. My Fitness clothing line will be launched early 2016.

May 18, 2015
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