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Tyler Ornstein

Tyler Ornstein loved the taste and smell of coffee since his first sip at 14. On the other hand his father did not as it upset his stomach. One day Tyler asked if he could make a coffee that both of them could drink. In 2006, at sixteen years old his father asked him a simple question “What is the second largest commodity item in the world?” He had no idea but after a little research he found that the first was oil and the second was coffee. His father (a bio-chemist) had designed a propriety computerized Z-Roasting system and figured out how to roast the bean perfectly without letting the tannic and lipid acids form, which often wreak havoc on those with GI problems from indigestion, bloating and heartburn to tooth enamel decay. Knowing his love for the drink, his father then presented him with a 2oz. silver bag of acid free coffee. Tyler then agreed to sell them with a natural entrepreneur spirit, setting off door-to-door on his bicycle with a backpack full of silver packs. After he sold the first couple of cases his father knew he was serious and had 10 more cases made. Tyler continued selling the coffee to friends, family and neighbors, and from there “Tyler’s” Coffee was born. It has since evolved into a full warehouse, a team, 80% growth every year with 2,000,000 cups sold, distribution in 60-80 independent grocery stores across the United States and was even the preferred coffee of the 2008 Academy Awards.
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September 23, 2014
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