Claudia Cooley

Uniquely You…The Confident Woman

I almost missed my amazing opportunity that changed my life forever … when asked to become part of an International Image Improvement company.  When asked by the CEO of the company … my response was…ME?  Oh no, was my first answer… I’m just a frumpy housewife teaching sewing classes to pay for our kids orthodontics.  And she said to me… oh no, you are so much more. 

…Joanne Wallace stepped into my low self-confidence and fueled my mind with my own possibilities that I didn’t even know existed.  She stood with me, helped me reach inside of myself, find my confidence and build on my own abilities to gain skills and tools to create an amazing life. 

If I look back 60 years to when I was 17… and would have spoken words to my younger self… I’d say be brave…you have a life of wonderful possibilities in front of you…but you have to be courageous, confident and hold on tight to claim all of the wonderful things coming your way.  Believe in yourself.

Having more confidence and beginning to show up as the best version of myself gave me the courage to follow my path, lean in to grab opportunity and enjoy the ride. 

When Disney called me and asked to set up a meeting to discuss my becoming a trainer in their company for staff personal development I was in shock and had shaky knees…but they had heard I was the woman that helped people create a wardrobe of 6,000 outfits from only 27” of closet space.  I could have said… who me, I just a frumpy housewife I don’t have the credentials to play this big of game… I would have missed an opportunity that would open many doors for my future.

Over and over opportunity would knock at my door and I learned to pay attention, with confidence lean in and grab the opportunities and deliver from the best me.  I became a 4x Best Selling author in my 70’s, hosted a successful radio show, and now through my “Uniquely You- Confidence with a Winning Image” 6-week course proven for helping women awaken their own greatness, grow in their confidence, believe in their unique beauty and talents as  they create their own Success Story…Yes, living a life with fun and freedom. Catch all of the details below or above…. 

Jim Rohn says
“Success is not to be pursued, it is to be attracted by the person you become.”

Lets do it together.

October 11, 2019
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