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Vicki has been in the direct sales industry for more than 19 years and specializes in helping

people to make the most out of life starting with the way they look and feel about themselves.

She builds on these unique talents with her speaking engagements and mentoring programs to

help others achieve the success she has been so blessed with. Her mission is to inspire others

to “Live the Life of their Dreams” by helping them identify and flourish in areas they are truly

passionate about. She is a member of the Christian Women’s Speakers Movement, and

believes in giving back to her community.

Vicki got her first taste of business as a teenager where she started doing bookkeeping and

telemarketing as a way to generate money until she was old enough to get a “real” job. Her

success came quickly and she bought her first house at the age of 19 and started her first

company at the age of 20. She calls herself a “Serial Entrepreneur” because building and

selling businesses became a way of life for her until she entered the Direct Sales industry 19

years ago which launched her into joining the top 1% of her company and being in the Top 10

Sales, Recruiting and/or Team Development worldwide for more than 10 years while raising a

family. Her success and experience has resulted in her soon to be released book on direct

sales that offers simple and fun analogies to help you cultivate conversations into relationships

that produce results. Her special skill of identifying a need and finding creative ways to fill

those needs have catapulted her into a successful career and have provided her the

knowledge and experience to help others build successful businesses as well. Vicki’s passion

of helping entrepreneurs become Dream Builders and lives by the motto:

Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it!

Vicki lives in Southern California with her husband Terry of 20 years and their 2 boys.  She is

blessed to also have two amazing step-children who have enriched her life personally and by

the 5 grandchildren they have brought into the world that fill her heart with joy.   Her business

is her ministry and she believes that God has blessed her greatly and per Luke 12:48… she

must give back in return

“For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom

much has been committed, of him they will ask the more.” – Luke 12:48

May 18, 2015
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