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Wesley Rocha & Ruben O. Mejia

Wesley Rocha

CEO of LinkU Systems, Programmer Inc.

Ever since he was a young boy, Wesley always dreamed of owning his own company.  Now at the young age 33, his dreams have become a reality, Wesley founded LinkU Systems Inc. in 2003.  LinkU Systems is a fast growing web development firm focusing primarily on the real estate and small business markets. “Our goal is to impact business owners with a big business approach”. Learning the ropes from his father, Wesley has evolved into an innovator and executer. “Failing to execute a plan is a common reason why businesses fail.” Over the past 10 years Wesley and his company have spent over 1.3 million dollars in research, identifying what it is that makes a business successful. With the results from his research, the help of his staff, and sister companies like the GO Initiative (Get Online Initiative), an online marketing educational program, Wesley is able to provide a product and service that all business owners can benefit from.

Ruben O. Mejia

Marketing Evangelist and Program Coordinator for the GO Initiative Small Business Account Director for Linkuwebdesign

“Selling the dream” as Ruben would put it, is what he’s all about.  Helping people has always been his niche.  As the Small Business Account Director for LinkU Systems Incorporated, Ruben has been able to do just that.  “Working with different small businesses and providing online education opens the dialogue between us and them. This open communication allows us both to identify and understand what it is their business really needs and why”.  Ruben has been with LinkU for over 4 years and is truly a from-the-ground-up story, working his way up the corporate ladder with hard work and determination.  Through a series of 1 on 1 sessions, presentations, and seminars, Ruben has worked with hundreds of small businesses helping each one learn how to effectively grow their business online.

April 28, 2014
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