Claudia Cooley

What Gives You Distinction?

What gives you distinction? What sets you apart from others that are doing the same things you are doing.

I recently heard a speaker on the “Success” Magazine’s CD, that comes in each of their issues, speaking in regards to passing several “brick & mortar” business lined up in a row on the same street and all successful. Even though they appear to offer the same services and offerings, they have something that makes them distinctive over the others. It may be their customer service, or their free gifts, or even the colors of their interiors. We gravitate to different things for different reasons.
So what are our distinctive differences that set us apart and hopefully above others that may do similar things and offer similar services.

The power for you to discover, uncover and reveal to the world your uniqueness is inside of you. You have something different to offer because you are a package like none other.
You will hear me say this often, “We are all created with a purpose like none other, and when we move into that purpose and live our lives using those gifts, we become passionate about what we do. This is where your unique essence becomes powerful to make a difference in the world. Real Success!

Purpose + Passion= Power ™

Every morning I get up and my teeth start to chatter with excitement. Ttttttchchchch…because I’m so excited about what is going to happen today. You see, I “get to” live my purpose everyday…and from that I have so much passion for each every day… now it’s time to give to others.

That’s why I’ve created the Uniquely You…Life & Style Workshops to support others achieve ultimate success, power and joy in their lives.

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March 30, 2012
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