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What you do today matters

…As you become the Best Version of Yourself
There are numerous definitions that link to being prepared and I’d like to share a few.
Prepare – make ready, equip in advance for a particular purpose or event, brace for stability, gear up, educate, undergo training, and plan the details.
“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”
Jackson Brown, Jr.

We are designed with the “Preparation” gene within. How do I know this? Look around you…! The season is changing now and if you live in the Western part of the U.S. you are already experiencing the evidence of spring… bright green new growth on the trees, plants and grass and nature is gearing up for an energized summer. If you are more northerly or live on the eastern coast you are anxiously awaiting those changes to start soon. I remember when we lived in Oregon; one of the biggest delights was when we could see the daffodils spring forth through the frozen ground. That really brought joy to my heart. One season prepares for the next season all year long. A caterpillar must go through the metamorphosis (change) to prepare for the Butterfly to arrive. And of course the birth of a baby takes nine months of preparation for the safest of arrivals of this new little one. Yes, our world is designed with a perpetual preparation cycle that we are part of.

We prepare for all types of things. Events, parties, end of the month deadlines at work and of course the famous deadline… April 15th.

What happens when you aren’t preparing to bring the best version of yourself to the important areas of your life? The person that is harmed the most is you. It’s a responsibility to yourself and others. When you under deliver by not giving your best, others suffer as well as you. They miss out on the fullest level of your gifts, service or product when you under serve. And how do you feel when you aren’t prepared to give your best? This picks away at your self-esteem and your confidence suffers.

To be prepared to live at your highest level, focus on your life as a whole. Consider these six key areas: Spiritual, relationships, physical, business/career or job, finances, personal life & fun. Whether you play in the big leagues or operate in a smaller arena, your success and the value you bring those you serve will sky rocket if you prepare to deliver your best…bringing the highest level of fulfillment.

I love this from the Bible. Ephesians 2:10: For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance as our way of life.

Is there a difference between being prepared and being ready? What are your thoughts? After milling this over, my thoughts are you can be prepared physically and everything in place, but we also need to be ready mentally to support the effort for the best results.

Here is an example. When building your business, you may have everything lined up and scheduled to make some prospecting calls, however, to create the most successful outcomes, being mentally ready is equally important. So when planning and preparing, it will be important to check in with yourself and your team to be mentally ready to accomplish the task at hand. This is why having a team or partner is valuable, for you can encourage each other.

Lack of preparation can cause great delays. Let me use traveling to illustrate how it looks if you aren’t fully ready or equipped for a successful outcome.

You haven’t checked the weather…will you need a coat or a swim suit?
You don’t know where your tickets are or have the map if you go by car
Forgot to update your passport and you are traveling into Canada or the UK
It slipped your mind to arrange for someone to meet you at the destination
Will your cell phone work where you are traveling? (I’ve experienced this when we went to Australia)
Did you arrange for someone to watch your house or your dog?
Or, haven’t hit the ATM and you don’t have enough cash?

This was just for fun… but we often have a similar attitude toward the important areas of our lives. I want to encourage you to make the effort to be prepared… this will allow you to show up as the Best Version of Yourself… for others and for yourself.

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” Bobby Unser

May 1, 2017
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