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Who’s In your Corner?

Who’s In your Corner?

…Is it your “Balcony Person”?

Access the power of including others on your journey. There is power in linking arms with others.

Balcony People – Your Cheerleaders, Coaches and Mentors

Who are our Balcony people and Cheerleaders. They are those that:

  • Help us see our value
  • Teach us, guide us and stand with us until we are strong enough and have the belief to stand alone.
  • Inspire us to be the best versions of ourselves
  • Celebrate who God designed us to be.

Our Balcony People help us experience the magic and the transformation that happens when we step into our own possibilities and live our lives with passion and excitement for who we are and are becoming. .

“Everything that happens to you is a reflection of what you believe about yourself. We cannot outperform our level of self-esteem.
We cannot draw to ourselves more than we think we are worth.”

― Iyanla Vanzant

I picked this quote because I believe that finding our own unique and exquisite value is one of the most important things we will ever do… In doing this we WILL BE EQUIPPED to make a difference in our own lives, the lives of others and the world. Who helps us achieve and receive this powerful platform…Balcony People

For years my license plate has read “Free2Bme”… I really believe in this motto. I use to tell my high school students, my desire is to help you to be all you can be, your very best you… to have all the dreams you desire… and in return, I’m asking you to help me in this endeavor too. Help me be the very best teacher I can be.

You know what… when I asked my students to do this, they stepped into my passion for these possibilities… and we all grew together.

When my parents married, it was a second marriage for both. My Dad had two daughters, 18 & 20 years older than me, and my Mom had a daughter nine years older and they weren’t expecting me… I was truly a surprise.
They loved me and adored me, and I was the apple of my Dad’s eye. I spent lots of time with him and have so many treasured memories. He was an entrepreneur and really instilled his love for being a businessperson in me and a passion for people. By the time I was four, I already had a business, could roll coin and had my own little bank account.
Many Saturday’s I sat on the banks of different lakes fishing with him… most of the time so early in the morning that I still donned a hairnet with pin curls secured with bobby pins underneath it. Not a gorgeous sight, however, no one was noticing. But those hours of fishing with my dad are some of my best memories, still today.
When I was eleven, he suddenly died; at home and in my arms. Those hours are a blur, however, I remember the support that came our way from others in the midst of this life changing experience. And even though my life was changing dramatically, the gifts my Dad left me with to prepare me for a strong future came from him, my first “Balcony Person.”

My Balcony Person

Discovering my purpose

I was 32 years old before I began to realize that I had a purpose and would be creating a legacy to leave to the world as I embraced my purpose and experienced my own possibilities.
We each have balcony people in our lives and thank goodness I have some very special ones in my balcony… those are the people that see more in you than you see in yourself… and reach out to encourage you to become the person you are meant to be.
One of my balcony people is Joanne Wallace. When she walked into my life…my life changed.
She invited me to join her company to teach others Professional and Personal Image Development and inspire them to reach for their best.
At first I was reluctant, because after all I’m not a model, famous person or even a speaker… AND I’m only 5’2”…how would I ever be a role model for anyone. But she encouraged me, mentored me and prepared me with the tools to accomplish the task.
My first year, I walked in Joanne’s shadow… knowing she was the expert, beautiful, tall and carried many titles in the industry and was well respected throughout America for her expertise. I knew I wanted to be just like her. And I set out to do just that… be a little Joanne. I didn’t have my own self-confidence or worth so I’d live vicariously through her. It was exhausting…
Then one night I had a life changing vision…Made for a Purpose

“My Heaven Story” …

I had been teaching about how we are each as unique as a snowflake and referring to the scripture from Psalms 139 for almost an entire year. This scripture speaks of God being there when I was formed in utter seclusion and knows the most inner parts of my being and yet I still didn’t understand that I had a purpose. Then God gave me this “vision” that changed my life.

. . . The setting – I’m in heaven. . . in a room that appears to be like an operating room. There is a table and around the room are many cubbyholes holding an assortment of body parts and personality traits. There are these cute little elf-angels flitting around the room and bringing things from different cubbies to the table. The pile of items was growing when I glanced to my side and saw God standing in all of His glory. He was watching what was happening on the table…with his hand resting on his chin…contemplating the situation. He was deep in thought. As the items on the table began to take form I noticed something very unusual and exciting. I realize the form was becoming me. I quickly glanced back at God and He began to smile. He was nodding His head and saying I’m so pleased this is exactly what I had dreamed she would be like. She will be short and have to watch her weight. She will never reach a top cupboard; however, I will someday give her a son that will do that for her. She will be short waisted, have a crooked nose, have a hot temper and be a bit of a perfectionist. Then He did the most amazing thing…He said “Stop, don’t add or take away one more thing…she is perfect”. “She is perfect for the mission I have for her”. No one else will be able to do the job I have for her to do”.
After this experience, I realize that He had uniquely designed me with my unique deficiencies, deformities, and assets. God doesn’t need me to work on being like someone else. I just need to be my best self to accomplish the purpose I was designed for.

The things I can change in my life I need to work on…the things I can’t change, I need to thank God for and just plain celebrate.

I strongly urge you to always cultivate mentors, coaches and balcony people. This allows you to bravely and confidently step onto your own path where the journey is so powerful, valuable and exciting.

February 20, 2017
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