Claudia Cooley

Your Journey to the Top

Your Mountain Top and The Inspiration that will get you there


Many years ago, our son Ryann traveled to China with a college photography study group. Approximately thirty students scattered upon arrival and traveled to China’s main attractions on their own or in small groups. Ryann, with his pilgrim’s passion, headed for the less traveled regions, determined to capture the perfect pictures at the top of a well-known mountain. Beginning his long hike up the mountain, he thought, “This is it.”

By evening, he had stumbled upon a monastery and received a warm welcome from its inhabitants. He was invited to stay with the priests overnight and refresh for the next day’s journey. These loving, caring men were living in silence, so no conversation could have taken place to prepare him for what he would discover at the end of the next day.

As he continued his journey upward, he was excited for what was going to happen. He was going to capture magnificent pictures – he just knew it! And yes, his determination, commitment and desire to get the best view, and to be the best photographer, propelled him to the top.

Pulling himself up over the last ledge, trembling with excitement and exhaustion, he looked up to take in the view and was startled to see a bus blow past him on a paved road. “Wow, there was a road up here all along…that a bus could travel on? I could have made this trip much easier, faster, and with comfort?”

As I listened to my son tell this story, I was amazed at what a profound lesson life had given him that day. And of course, I immediately thought about how that same lesson applies to my work as a professional success and life enrichment coach. To get where we want to go faster – to reach our own Mountain Tops full of goals, vision, and dreams – we need a road map, tools, and appropriate expectations for the journey. And it doesn’t hurt a bit if we make this trip in an extraordinary ride.
I know from experience what it takes to reach a Mountain Top. In fact, over the course of my lifetime, I have reached many of them – an inspiring career in education, the joy of watching my children become healthy, happy, successful adults, the completion of a lifetime battle with weight (won at the age of 67) and, celebrating over 50 years of marriage.

Today, I spend most of my time helping men and women reach their Mountain Tops even faster and leave legacies that contribute to the world and empower others. On this journey, to achieve the highest value, it’s very important to live our lives in balance to have the lives we love and to achieve overall abundance..

For both men and women, there are five areas of our lives that must be addressed in order for us to achieve and sustain our goals – for us to create the professional edge that we need to get where we want to go: Legacy, Personality, Health, Non-Verbal Communication, and Appearance. And on this journey, have lots of fun and create freedom to do the things you love doing.

Please take time to ask yourself… What is that you want to achieve in each of area of your life to embrace, energize and enjoy every aspect of your life.

February 13, 2017
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